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Saw this at the Disney store in the mall. This is clearly a keyblade reference and nobody will convince me otherwise.

no doubt about it. but I wonder if it’s official or made by a employee  who’s a fan 

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past-xehanort said: // Wow I love your Kingdom Hearts art!! :D //

Thank You So much! I really appreciate you telling me <3.  you can see more of my stuff here: but most of the good stuff is here, so… >w< 

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Kingdom Hearts Chi[X] has been like one big KH mini game. very festive, and shamefully fun.  like the rest of the mini games spread out in the KH series (Command Board, Flick Rush, Avatar Kingdom). However there is still that big fat language barrier that stands in the way of fun and the Japanese-speech-impaired public. from bits and pieces we all saw that there was the new town Daybreak Town but until recently we were unable to play it (by we I mean those of us who don’t see a barrier or don’t care about it). so I Just wanted to share the beautiful soundtrack that gives a voice to this mysterious town.

I love it. I think it adds nicely to the collection of themes of quaint quiet towns in KH.